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Public Housing


Public housing was established to provide decent and safe rental housing for eligible low-income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. Public housing comes in all sizes and types, from scattered single family houses to high rise apartments for elderly families. As of 2018, there are approximately 1.2 million households living in public housing units, managed by some 3,300 HAs. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) administers Federal aid to local housing agencies (HAs) that manage the housing for low-income residents at rents they can afford. HUD furnishes technical and professional assistance in planning, developing and managing these developments.

Ruston Housing has the following communities:

Greenwood Homes 70 units (Family Site)
Louise Drive 30 units (Family Site)
Maryland Plaza 72 units (Elderly * and Disabled Site)
Truman Drive 20 units (Elderly* and Disabled Site)
Eastwood Homes 108 units (Family Site)
Farmerville Housing 40 units (Family Site)
Gibsland Housing  22 units (Family Site)
  *Must be 50 years or older
Orchard Creek 30 units (Elderly and Disabled Site)
Managed by J. M. Property Management