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Emergency Maintenance Response Procedure

Maintenance staff are allowed to respond during non-business hours only to true emergency situations. Work order charges may be applied in certain cases. Emergency maintenance work orders are only for repair needs which threaten the life, health, or safety of a resident or could cause extreme damage to property.

Emergency work orders in one or more of these categories may be reported by calling 318.255.3644 option #1.

Emergency Maintenance Defined: Plumbing

  1. Gas Leak – If you suspect a gas leak, always leave the unit and call CENTERPOINT ENERGY at 1.866.275.5252. In the event that CENTERPOINT ENERGY determines that repairs must be made, you should call the Emergency Work Order Line.

  2. Water Heater Leaking – no hot water is not an emergency response item.

  3. Plumbing Leak Sufficient to Cause Damage to Property.

  4. Clogged Sink – if at least one sink in the unit is functioning properly, an emergency response will not be made.

  5. Clogged or Broken Toilet – if unit has two bathrooms, repairs will be made next business day unless both toilets are not functioning. Tenant must attempt to clear clog with plunger before calling emergency number.

Emergency Maintenance Defined:  Doors/Windows/Structure

  1. Exterior Door and/or Window Cannot be Locked. 
  2. Window Glass Broken Completely Out.

  3. Major Damage to Structure.

  4. Ceiling/Roof Leaking.

  5. Emergency Entry Into Apartment – Charge applies if door lock is working properly. Proof of occupancy must be provided (photo identification with matching address or other method).

Emergency Maintenance Defined: Unit Equipment

  1. Refrigerator AND Freezer Not Functioning.

  2. Smoke Alarm Not Functioning Properly.

  3. Unit Heat Not Functioning (during outside temperatures below 50 degrees).

  4. Air Conditioning Not Functioning (during outside temperatures above 90 degrees).

  5. Electrical Wires Exposed From Fixture (outlet, switch, light fixture).

  6. No Electrical Power in Unit – Tenant must check breaker box before calling emergency work order number.